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I'm Assistant Professor of Writing in the School of Communication at the University of Central Arkansas. I received my Ph.D. in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric from Syracuse University and my M.A. in Professional Writing and Editing from West Virginia University.

Image of me and Queenie who is sporting a dapper yellow & white polka dot bowtie.As a researcher, I'm interested in how disability is constructed and mediated through technology, whose stories and bodies we value within our disciplinary histories, and how we can work as a community to theorize and enact more socially just pedagogical practices. Specifically, I'm interested in how theories of multimodality and universal design can work as frameworks for developing critical and accessible pedagogies. My book project interrogates a tendency in our field to try to diagnose disabled students and default to accommodations rather than crafting accessible pedagogies. I explore how rhetorics of overcoming—the idea that disabled bodies must overcome their disabilities in order to be successful, to fit in, or to meet the standard—manifests in writing pedagogies. Visit my research page to learn more about this work.

[Me and Queenie, my dapper pit mix.]

As an instructor, I value multimodal learning and composing. In the lower- and upper-division writing courses I have taught, I incorporate both print and digital assignments and activities to provide students with multiple opportunities to learn, compose, and circulate their ideas in ways that are challenging and meaningful. Please visit my teaching page to learn about my pedagogical values & the courses I've taught.

You can also learn more about what I value (research, teach, think, make) through my CV and blog.

You're welcome to contact me at or find me on twitter @ahhitt.