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course materials.


Here, you will find a catalog of the courses I have taught at the University of Central Arkansas, Syracuse University, and West Virginia University. For the Syracuse courses, which I have had more autonomy in developing, I have included syllabi and major assignment prompts. For activities and examples of student projects, please visit the Reflections page.


University of Central Arkansas

WRTG 1320: academic writing & research

  • Syllabus: Fall 2015, Spring 2016
  • WRTG 1320 is a required second-year comp course that introduces students to academic argument based on substantiating, evaluating, and proposing claims.

WRTG 1374: first-year seminar

  • Syllabus: Fall 2016
  • WRTG 1374 is a first-year seminar focused on diversity in creative works. I developed and submitted the course proposal for this class and got it approved as part of WRTG curriculum. I designed the course around the theme "emojis, memes, & digital media."

WRTG 3305: writing as information design i

  • Syllabus: Fall 2015, Spring 2016
  • WRTG 3305 is a core upper-division course for writing majors designed to introduce students to the role of design in the composing process and gain some familiarity with design software.

WRTG 3306: writing as information design ii

WRTG 3310: technical writing

  • Syllabus: Fall 2015, Spring 2017
  • WRTG 3310 is a core upper-division course that introduces professional and technical communication to writing majors and students across campus.

Syracuse University

WRT 307: professional writing

WRT 301: civic writing

WRT 205: critical research & inquiry

WRT 105: practices of academic writing

  • Syllabus: Fall 2012
  • Assignments: Jumpstart Essay, Analysis, Argument
  • WRT 105 is a required first-year comp course designed to introduce students to two types of academic writing: analysis and argument. The course inquiry was "Reimagining the Normal."

West Virginia University

ENG 304: business writing

  • Syllabus: Summer 2011
  • ENG 304 is an upper-division course designed to prepare students to become effective professional communicators that focuses primarly on analyzing and developing successful rhetorical strategies for workplace communication.

ENG 102: composition & rhetoric ii

  • Syllabus: Summer 2010-Spring 2011
  • ENG 102 is a required second-year comp course that builds on the skills of ENG 101 by emphasizing research and argument and giving more focus to revision and organization strategies.

ENG 101: composition & rhetoric i

  • Syllabus: Fall 2009-Spring 2010
  • ENG 101 is a required first-year comp course designed to introduce students to different types of academic writing: narrative, analysis, and argument.