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One of my key concerns as an instructor is accessibility: ensuring that I'm meeting the needs of my students and that everyone can access the materials, information, and knowledge that we generate in class. In that spirit, you can access my teaching philosophy, materials from courses that I have taught, and reflections on some of the assignments & activities I value.


1. Teaching Philosophy

I value a writing pedagogy that is meaningful for students, that challenges them intellectually while accommodating their learning needs and interests. To find out more about this, please visit my teaching philosophy page: here.


2. Course Materials

For each course, I have included a course description and a PDF of the syllabus. In most cases, you can also access PDFs of the major assignments. To view these materials, please visit my courses page: here.


3. Teaching Reflections

A teaching portfolio isn't complete without student representation. In this section, I share some of my favorite activities that I use to try to meaningfully engage students, including brief descriptions of each activity and images. I've also included a few examples of student compositions and reflections to reinforce the values I develop in my teaching philosophy. To find out more about my "tried and true" activities or to see sample student work, please visit my reflections page: here.